Thursday, February 24, 2011

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Guttenberg, the title is purchased?

After the Minister has given us already indicated to the plagiarism allegations "slander" and move close to the offense I want it quite carefully formulated as follows: " AS ALWAYS THERE IS MONEY IN THE GAME! Who would have thought it? Here is a story in which more than just a bad Gschmäckle remains, it is about € 747,764.36.

At the press conference at the University of Bayreuth, when it was announced that will examine the dissertation of KTG, was the Rector asked if there had been financially supported by KTG. This negated the rector and said Mr. Guttenberg was merely a member of the Alumni Club and that this contribution had been paid properly. You will not believe it, that's not even begin to the truth!

The truth is his university conceded during the period of 7 years (1999-2006) more than € 700k. neeeiiiin course, not directly by KTG! Now here's an example for proper citation and a clean source ----->" Handelsblatt "
Quote:" Guttenberg was studied from 1996 to 2002, the Supervisory Board of Rhön Klinikum AG, where he gave his family a stake in the CSU-politician of 1992. to 1999 in Bayreuth Law and received his doctorate there in 2007. Rhön Klinikum AG, in which was the family's holding company which Guttenberg involved their share ownership, was one of the founders of the Department of Medicine Management, the Legal and Economic Sciences is located. "
course can not be substantiated it a connection with these payments and the thesis of Mr. Guttenberg is, but it is holding this queasy feeling in the stomach. Because certainly, the question remains as a doctoral student of the University indirectly a major promoter is treated! How do you deal with a dissertation about the shit though and copied, but just from a "Big Spender" is? Must draw its own conclusions containing each!


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